Holidays in Fortaleza

Nightlife and Clubs of Fortaleza

  Fortaleza is famous for its nightlife. Praia de Iracema is the hottest area, where every day of the week you can unleash a series of different premises there for everyone ...., until dawn and also "beyond." The Pirate Bar the most characteristic local live music. The nightclubs of the moment are: Forrņ Mambo, Cafe del Mar, Armazen, Orbit,

Mucuripe, Bikini, Europe (all in Praia de Iracema), but also in normal type Barretti Zippy, anything can happen. In addition to all manifestations of national character, numerous events take place in Fortaleza, it is worth mentioning, including the Regatta de Jangadas (July), with the match between the characteristics of local boats, Fortal the end of July, called the Carnival of Fortaleza, the Feast of Lemanja (August) and the Semana do Folklore, dedicated to the folk traditions.

The promenade on Praia de Iracema up to the fish market is 6 km long and has a particular charm, where at sunset we all flock to jog or walk.

Very characteristic is the craft market located in the middle of the Beira-Mar, where you can buy souvenirs and typical products of the place.

Opening hours 16:00 until 23:00

The Pirate ... one of the most famous of South America


The North East of Brazil is a magical place to live in all its aspects. Wonderful is its nature and unique are the many excursions, we'll help you with suggestions in the best way.

Map of Fortaleza

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This is the timetable that we propose for the week:

- Monday: Pirate, lively bar with music by complex regional - national. Forrņ Mambo - Zippy bar - Cafe del mar - Europa - Bikini

- Tuesday: Orbit - Forrņ Mambo - Zippy bar - Cafe del mar - Europa - Bikini

- Wednesday: Armazem - Forrņ Mambo - Zippy bar - Cafe del Mar - Europe Bikini

- Thursday: Forrņ Mambo - Zippy bar - Cafe del mar - Europa - Bikini

- Friday: Armazem - Forrņ Mambo - Zippy bar - Cafe del mar - Europa - Mucuripe

- Saturday: Armazem - Forrņ Mambo - Cafe del mar - Europa - Mucuripe

- Sunday: Orbit - Forrņ Mambo - Zippy - Cafč del mar - Europa - Bikini

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